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Reflect the essence of your business
To analyze competitors
Open a new path for advancement
Analysis of your business
Design development
Website layout
AnnieWay Design
Analytical approach
Thanks to technical education, I combine creativity and an accurate approach
Neural networks
If you don't have the appropriate images and texts, they will be generated
When creating a website, I focus on
My goal is to distinguish you from
appealing to the target consumer
competitors and make your business
Transparent processes
I provide a report at every stage of the work and I am always in touch
Getting Started
You can fill out a brief or talk about your business during a call - it's up to you.
Business analysis
I analyze competitor websites and create thoughtful designs considering your preferences.
I treat each project as my own, strictly observing deadlines and agreements
and I look at the site through
Simply with me
a logical, well-thought-out structure
the eyes of the user
but also to make it as
convenient and understandable as possible.
your business appealing
to the target consumer
My goal is to distinguish you
from competitors and make
A place for your project
A design project about traveling to Mars. The images were created using a neural network.
Website for apartments in St. Petersburg. The design and texts have been developed. The layout of the site on the Tilde has been carried out, adaptation for a smartphone. The domain and the booking system are connected.
The lawyer's personal website. The layout on the Tilda of the finished design was carried out for resolution from mobile to computer. Animation is set up. The domain is connected, a feedback form with an email notification.
A multi-page website for a stylist with a description of services. The design and texts have been developed. The layout of the site on the Tilde has been carried out, adaptation for a smartphone. The domain is connected, the feedback form.
A creative project in English about the role of women in world science. Some facts about 10 female scientists. The project uses complex animation of elements and code.
Other project
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About me
My life has been closely intertwined with creativity since school, and even when choosing my first profession, I leaned towards a creative field - chemistry. The quest for intriguing solutions and the detective-like aspect of chemistry became my creative process.

This experience taught me to search for unconventional solutions, engage in deep analysis, uphold responsibility, maintain organization, enabling me to segment work into stages and meet deadlines.
If your project requires photos or illustrations, I will create them using neural networks. No one else will have exactly the same ones!

I love my profession and constantly evolve, exploring new aspects and techniques to improve projects. Focusing is the key rule in work to achieve successful results and deliver a high-quality website.
My name is Anya, and design is a part of my life
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